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Like the flow with the beat, nice job

like your sounds, i think some of the build ups are misplaced a bit, but you're very creative

dannyNergy responds:


drop the bass a bit lower, good tune though

apedap responds:

Thanks bro!

very impressed by both mc's, they did an amazing job with flow and lyrics.... first off this is not an easy decision to make, and that both mc's made me smile and i wanted to hear more, even when pig pen did include me in the rap..

pig pen : i thought pig pens freestyle flow was proper, no matter what, its a freestyle and i find that 2 be art in a sense, i dgaf what people say , u cant show up 2 a street rap battle anytime with a pad or pen, if you get challenged on the spot in real life, it shows if you live up to who you are and what you say you are,,,,so if u continued a freestyle with your 2nd bar than even better, but you had good lines, good flow switch ups and good timing

tech: you had amazing bars, i liked these ones better then the ones towards me, lol:P, probably thought cause the beat was different, but my favourite part was the first few bars you spit, you had flow and amazing potential when you came in, i just dont like when u carry on with long words then pause at the end of every line 2 many times, it was good once in a while but 2 much it sounds like your reading your lyrics 2 fast, but i enjoyed all your lyrics escpecially your voice

i paid close attention to all the lyrics flow voice, and over all entertainment in the mc's, i must give it 2 pig pen, but this was a very close 1 again, it should get an o.t if possible but for now pig pen has my vote Em

God Bless

very good battle, i like how you guys made your voice's loud and clear, and you put your pain and effort in it, I'm more impressed though with both of your mikes to, very clear and good volume.. last guy was amazing but i gotta give it to kill bill, his flow made me wana hear more, very good battle though no lie.. i would say an overtime should be handed with a less of a bass kicker instrumental so we can hear more of the punch lines, more of a oldschool hip hop beat

i think tech did his shit, but the " over here theres no I in recession" is verse meaning he... lil c " i" is not part of 99%, in the recession, then the next verse is just some enemies eyeing some session, i really could not care less if i lose, my freestyle was what i thought, not what i wrote so no worries if im out, but thanks everyone for the hate, bring more of a smile 2 my face :)

God Bless everyone who did like my verse though :d

if you can define swaggin on my money as a serious issue, then i think ur really f'd up, and pig pen had some good points

Teqneek responds:

Pig Pen was being sarcastic, just as I was when I made this song. This is a parody of mindless, overly-commercial rap. If that somehow flew over your head, then there's really no hope for you.

By the way, hurry up with your "freestyle", you're coming up on the deadline and I want to get this worthless battle out of the way so I can focus on the next round.

sick idea, i like your creativity, keep it up bro

Ctheconcept responds:

yo thanks for the support man

everything you touch jp is gold, keep it up broo, from the fam EM

JP-SuperFresh responds:

thanks I love my extended fam

sounds like a british talk news radio station omggggg how the fuck is this considered musiccc !!!!

AxTekk responds:



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