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like your sounds, i think some of the build ups are misplaced a bit, but you're very creative

dannyNergy responds:


drop the bass a bit lower, good tune though

apedap responds:

Thanks bro!

if you can define swaggin on my money as a serious issue, then i think ur really f'd up, and pig pen had some good points

Teqneek responds:

Pig Pen was being sarcastic, just as I was when I made this song. This is a parody of mindless, overly-commercial rap. If that somehow flew over your head, then there's really no hope for you.

By the way, hurry up with your "freestyle", you're coming up on the deadline and I want to get this worthless battle out of the way so I can focus on the next round.

sick idea, i like your creativity, keep it up bro

Ctheconcept responds:

yo thanks for the support man

everything you touch jp is gold, keep it up broo, from the fam EM

JP-SuperFresh responds:

thanks I love my extended fam

sounds like a british talk news radio station omggggg how the fuck is this considered musiccc !!!!

AxTekk responds:


wow amazing, good work broo, i gave you that 2nd download keep it up bro, i want to hear more, i love the british accent to amazing!!!!! God Bless

AxTekk responds:

Thanks, hope to see you in the battles! Though, tbh, not sure why anyone'd download a hype track (not that I'm complaining). As far as self esteem goes, I get enough dls on my AKA page to be somewhat thick skinned about whether this shit gets a tonne of dls.

ahahahahahahahaahahahahahaaha omg wait 1 second, ahahahahaha wow i guess this site is for songs for little kindergardens, how the fuck is this music?????, stop reading off the pad or pen, and put emotion into you music, your rap like your reading off a prompter, and no your not doing it right.... wow dont even judge our music you pathetic excuse for a human being

Teqneek responds:

What you make is regurgitated Cash Money-biting nonsense, no question about it. You say you don't understand why "errybody hatin" but if you sit back and truly listen to your bullshit, you'll see that you are a talentless fraud. You're a living, breathing train wreck; a disgraceful disaster. I hope to GOD that we meet in this competition, because I'm going to make you cry. Seriously- when I'm done with you, you're going to be in the fetal position begging for mercy.

You truly are the absolute worst thing I've ever seen on the internet, and you should feel ashamed of the unimaginative and simplistic garbage you spew out. Any opinion coming from your feeble, primitive mind will only be met with laughter and ridicule, because that's what you deserve. The nightmares you release to the world ARE the reason that the industry is a joke right now. Fuck you. FUCK YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR, YOU PIECE OF SHIT.

2 simple and annoying

i gave u a 2 cause i like when u changed it middle way, but really just annoying fl sounds, dont quit your day job cause you just really suck:D

Klokinator responds:

Considering I left you an honest review on your other song which also happens to have like, 9 votes and I was the only person to give it more than a 0, you're welcome.

*Actually, considering I was the only person at all to review your other song at all, you're welcome :D


ive been lookin 4 this beat 4 ever after play shifts used, it got stuck in my head, good work on it bro

Hypnotik7 responds:

thanks man, yeah he made a nice catchy song with it.


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